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The truth is just information,

and information will win the war for you if you let it 

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About Us

Give me data and I'll give you gold

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If it's online, I'll find it

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I love challenges and there is none bigger than taking huge amounts of data from around the world, shape it using 

advanced tech tools and empower our clients with knowledge in clear and engaging ways.

I am a ravenous reader and my craft is to find and report useful information anywhere online. WEBINT work supplies an endless stream of questions, a thick brush of puzzles to battle and solve, with bits of answers scattered across the globe.

​Boldor Webint Solutions was established in 2014 by Ran, an ex-intelligence officer with 17 years in the WEBINT trade. Shira later joined in to enable a comprehensive service chain of data-to-intelligence.   

We employ military intel logic and techniques to provide meaningful insights into business targets.

Intelligence is crucial for the process of decision making, and our services aid clients in gaining an edge both at the tactical and strategic depths.

We integrate numerous online sources and data to compile market research and company profiles, monitor partner/competitor activity, strategies, business models, innovation, product portfolio and pricing, advertising campaigns, public opinion in social media and various other insights based on client needs.


In the Competitive Intelligence chessboard, WEBINT is your knight: It moves haphazardly, and it never stops surprising. It has both strategic and tactical value and may serve to feel an adversary, control your domain and wage blitz attacks. True, you cannot win a chess game with only a knight – but you better have one when going into battle…

About Us
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